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Steveosaurus Rex
Steveosaurus Rex

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PostSubject: RULES: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING.   Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:12 pm

Hello, welcome to the Iris forums! The rules are fairly quick and simple, but you're required to read them and follow them in order to use this forum. If we ever see you breaking any of the rules, you will get a warning. After three warnings you will get a temporary ban for two months. If you come back after that and manage to get banned again, you will get a permanent ban.

1. Be Kind To Others: The first rule is the most important. Do not bully, insult or needlessly argue with others. Constructive criticism is fine, but DO NOT START DRAMA. The mods will not hesitate to ban troublemakers.

2. No Art Theft: We encourage everyone to share their creativity and art with everyone. However, if you are suspected of stealing/recoloring characters or art from another artist, we will investigate and ultimately ban any art thieves.

3. No Posting Adult Topics: This is a PG-16 rated site. Blood, violence, language, and romance are perfectly fine, but please keep it relatively toned down. If you absolutely want to ERP, please stick to private messages. Erotic roleplays on the forum will not be tolerated.

If you follow these simple rules, you'll get along well with everyone and have a good time! Feel free to contact any of the mods if you require assistance.
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Dione Captor

Dione Captor

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PostSubject: Re: RULES: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING.   Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:06 pm

Character creation rules:
1. Mind/body control is not allowed in any form or way. This means that your character cannot have a power which controls another character.
2. Your character cannot be related to any of the faction leaders. The faction leaders are forum NPC’s and do not share connections with your own characters.
3. Do not make your character OP. Make sure you balance the strengths and powers out with weaknesses.
4. When you’re making a villain, don’t make them 'just a villain'. No villain ever just decided to be bad. A bad guy always has their motives. Give your character a fitting backstory in which their reasons are explained.
Roleplaying rules:
1. Absolutely NO god modding, auto hitting, meta playing (using OOC information IC) or power playing whatsoever. This becomes very annoying and unfair towards other players. 

2. No NPC roleplaying. Don’t use the site canon NPC’s.
3. Don’t kill another person’s character without their permission.
4. No crossovers with any universe.

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