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 Species listing

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PostSubject: Species listing   Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:29 pm

Post your own custom species in this topic after you've filled in a form and it has been approved of by the mods/admins. They will be formatted by the mods so everything looks uniform.
Be creative while creating your species!

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PostSubject: Re: Species listing   Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:46 am

The Nu'zar Tribe

Anatomy traits:
The Nu'zar people appear to be canines, but also have distinct aquatic characteristics like fins and slick fur. Their fur colors vary greatly, though typically lean more towards natural colors of the ocean as natural camouflage. Most have unique markings on their faces or bodies, and the thin fins on their heads resemble hair. Each have unique fin placements and sizes.

Behavioural traits:
The Nu'zar are a tribal, pack-like species that heavily rely on each other for survival. A group of elders oversee each village, and a handful of spiritual leaders with extraordinary powers are elected to protect and guide the villages of Nuzil. These rare and powerful individuals are known as shamans. With a simple hunter-gatherer system in place, the village is divided into multiple sets of tasks. Hunters stalk prey and bring home meat, scavengers find vegetation on land or in the oceans and plant/harvest them, while artisans craft tools and build structures/buildings for the community. As tokens of achievement or identity, the Nu'zar people decorate their bodies with elaborate tattoos and markings that emphasize their professions or feats of strength.

Prey/predator relations:
Primarily predators, the Nu'zar people hunt for fish along their island reefs. They sometimes hunt for prey on land, though with such little dry land it is rare to come across such delicacies. The Nu'zar also gather fruits and vegetables for additional nutrients, but it isn't necessary in their diet.

The planet Nuzil consists mostly of water, with thousands of very small islands dotting the globe. These islands provide the Nu'zar tribe with a safe haven from oceanic predators. The tribe primarily lives on land, though have been known to create small communities on the ocean's surface.

The average Nu'zar life span varies greatly, though the oldest recorded age was ninety-three standard years. This is a miraculously long natural lifespan considering the Nu'zar have very primitive technology and medicine. They are a very resilient people, known to have dynamic immune systems that quickly adapt to infections and fight them off.

Images you have:

(left) Zelki, a village shaman. (right) Xutro, a village hunter.

(Art by Sikopio)
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Species listing
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