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 Accalia Lykaios

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PostSubject: Accalia Lykaios   Accalia Lykaios Icon_minitimeSun Feb 19, 2017 5:41 pm

Name: Accalia Lykaios  
Age: 25  
Species: 'Albino' Red Wolf (Canis Rufus)  
Gender: Female  
Date of Birth: 4/10/5589
Faction: None as of yet


Accalia has silvery white fur that can appear to have a very subtle violet tint to it in certain lighting, while her hair is a soft lilac that falls down around her mid back into soft curls. Her bangs are wavy and some strands flick outwards in a sort of messy fashion. She has a snow white muzzle, palms, bottom of her feet and underside of her tail. Her eyes are a bright icy blue that stand out from her mostly pastel coloured body. She has a sleek build with toned arms and legs.
Accalia Lykaios Accali10    
Her general attire consists of: A black halter-neck top with a blue butterfly wing design on the back, denim blue shorts with a thick belt in the design of silver rings hanging loosely from a single belt loop, and a pair of knee high black combat boots with silver buckles around the ankle area. She also likes to sometimes wear a black silver studded bracelet on her right wrist that has a thin silver chain attached to a ring on her middle finger.  


Coming from a broken home, Accalia is normally a very quiet person. Her mother leaving so suddenly struck her to the core and completely broke any form of confidence she had in her. Not having any other family apart from her father, she began closing herself off from the world, as she blamed herself for breaking the tiny family up. She is very timid and afraid to even get into a conversation with someone she doesn't even know in fear that she would make them upset or even angry at her, even if she would do nothing wrong. She has sky-high anxiety, so going outside and being around others is a chore to her in many ways. She feels drained even after going out to a shop for some food because of the constant overthinking that she will mess up and do something wrong to another, so anyone could imagine how difficult it is to even try and start a conversation with her without her looking for a way out.


Quiet places
Soft, soothing gentle music (preferably with no lyrics)
People giving her space
Holding her tail to calm down  
Ensuring her father is happy and content

Being around people she doesn’t know
Being the center of attention
Show offs  
Food that has a strong smell to it  


Powers: None that she knows of

Other fighting abilities:
High stamina levels  
Physically strong  
Keen eyesight  
Light and quick on her feet  

Hearing is very sensitive
Always alert to everything around
Hidden strength behind timid nature
Crazy stubborn

Trust issues with most people  
Afraid of near enough anything
Anxiety attacks happen when stressed
Extreme pessimist


Accalia's mother left her and her father when she was thirteen years old for another. The abandonment was very sudden and unexpected, so it took a large toll on Accalia herself. Naturally at the age of thirteen she was at the very impressionable stage in her life, so with her mother leaving she developed a fear of losing those who are close to her. This could be the reason behind why she is so afraid to meet new people and broaden her horizons and get out more – if she doesn’t involve herself with others, then they can't leave her, right? She never truly understood the reason behind why her mother left them, but grew accustomed to the fact that her mother was gone forever, but never truly got over it as seen by her general outlook towards those she doesn’t know.

There from birth and still a strong part of her life today, Accalia's father is one of the very few who sees her more relaxed and carefree side. She cares an immense deal for her father as he is really all she has left, and would even go so far as to give her life if it meant he was safe. He was the one who taught her how to defend herself, as he didn’t want his little baby girl going out into the world completely defenseless. He still worries that the impact of his wife leaving them hit Accalia much harder than she shows, but understands how she became this way and has even tried numerous times to try and open her up more around others. Naturally it is extremely difficult and draining due to how stubborn she is on top of the anxious nature.


Accalia Lykaios was born in the middle of the night in her family home on the planet Xorlana. It was a smallish planet, not really so important to many people and only really big enough to hold a population of a large city comfortably. Naturally, being born without hospital treatment was tough on her mother, but they got through the ordeal fairly easily, and before both of her parents knew it, they had a happy, energetic little girl who loved to run around and pounce on imaginary bad guys if they ever came to hurt her pack.  
Things were good for the family for many years, but behind closed doors where not many outsiders could see, the parents were in fact slowly breaking apart. Accalia hadn't paid any attention towards this at all. After all being only eight years old, she was more focused on playing and school so didn't even think twice when her parents didn't even look each other in the eye most days. She always just thought one of them had a bad day at work.  
Some months passed, and while she was getting looked after by a neighbor for a couple of hours, Accalia overheard her babysitter talking to another about her own parents and how the extreme lengths they were going to in order to not see each other. It became clear to most who saw the family that the young pups parents were truly only still together for the sake of their daughters well-being.  
As time went by, on her thirteenth birthday, Accalia's mother came home from work looking disheveled and flustered, making her wonder what had happened, but her father quickly became furious as he could smell that there was another male on her. The two became so angry and distracted with this outcome that Accalias mother couldn't take it anymore, and packed her bags. Within the hour the young pups life had gone from happy and content, to broken and upside down.  
Since that day, Accalia slowly began to hide herself more and more as time passed, even hiding most things from her father who was still as supportive and as close as he could be to her. With the family not having any other relatives, they really were all the other had in the galaxy.  
At fifteen, Accalia's father got a new job on the nearby planet of Novera, a gigantic planet full of life and technology that she had never seen before. The idea of moving there excited her, but also struck fear into her heart at the possibility of something bad happening to her father who had been diagnosed with a heart condition a few months before. They decided to move before she started her next school year, and enrolled her on time for what would be her final year before she went to college or even found a job. That year turned out to be one of the worst. She got bullied, pranked and basically turned into the one nobody wanted to talk to, all because she was from another planet, and was generally very difficult to talk to without her running off to the bathrooms to hide in fear of becoming close to someone and losing them again.  
The more the other students picked on her, the more her passive nature came to light, until she began to make up excuse after excuse to not go to school. She would even go so far as to hurt herself to not go in. Naturally her father couldn't take seeing his only child retreating further into her proverbial shell, so contacted the school and brought up the situation to hopefully get the ones picking on her to stop. It took a while, but sure enough the bullies and prankers eventually left her alone to finish off school and move on to bigger and better things.  
She knew that she would need to do something about her mental issues if she wanted to get anywhere in life after school, so even began to go to therapy lessons. They help, but only in small amounts, and she could only bare to go to a session once a week.
School and college went by in a blur after that, and now Accalia does some odd jobs for smaller businesses while she still stays with her father. She hopes to one day be able to get into employment where she would be active a lot more and to combat her fear of basically everything she comes into contact with, but hasn't really been able to find any openings with jobs involving the things she is looking for. She hopes, one day to maybe have a friend to confide in. She may have her father around, but she hasn't known the comfort of having a friend in many years, and she is starting to feel the weight of being alone with nobody to talk to.


Ever since she was little, Accalia has had a habit of sleepwalking to the kitchen and eating something from the fridge, sometimes even just dunking her hands into a tub of butter of all things.  

She has never been told by anyone, but she is a terrible singer. She can hum in tune amazingly well though, but adding lyrics leads to fail in a way no other being could ever accomplish.
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Accalia Lykaios
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