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 Yukiko Mikazuki

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PostSubject: Yukiko Mikazuki   Yukiko Mikazuki Icon_minitimeTue Mar 21, 2017 2:44 am

Name: Yukiko Mikazuki
Age: 19
Species: Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia)
Gender: Female 
Date of Birth: 24/04/5595
Faction: Freebooters Union
Occupation: Assassin in-training 

Yukiko is purple with white markings. Her hair is black and falls to the bottom of her back in a black curtain, normally tied back in a loose ponytail or pigtails to keep it out of the way. A small swirl of hair always sticks up defiantly no matter how much time she spends on trying to get it tamed, and has eventually given up on it. Her eyes are a bright amber-orange colour. A snow white lower muzzle with some tufts of fur stick out at the side of her jawline slightly. Both her hands and feet and the same white, but blend into her normal violet hue at the wrists and ankles respectively, almost mimicking gloves. Lastly, she has a long fluffy tail that she always keeps looped towards the end to keep it from touching the ground.

Yukiko Mikazuki 32122010
Her casualwear consists of a butter yellow high collared sleeveless top that stops around mid thigh - sometimes underneath a baggy baby blue hoodie -, a pair of dark navy coloured jeans and a pair of black mid heel ankle boots.
Dressing for an important mission, Yukiko tends to dull down the colours she wears to help her blend in if the need be. This consists of a high collared skin tight black top that covers her arms in order to ensure her bright violet colouring is hidden. What could only be described as a dark blue and black skirted corset sits over the top, where as in reality it is a protective sleeveless tunic that is secured with silver buckles on the front. Her bottom half would be a pair of dark grey skin tight jeans and a pair of knee high leather combat boots. A pair of gloves that stop around halfway up the arm are worn that house concealed blades underneath for close combat that can be released quickly using a special mechanism. Similar modifications are on her boots for an emergency for defensive purposes. Lastly, a dark brown belt would be on her waist that holds a pouch on the back for the likes of any smoke bombs or any small disposable weaponry. There are also attachments for small weapons such as blades if needed. Topping all of this off with a black body cloak with a large hood to conceal her face and any distinguishing features would be attached around her neck area. The cloak would fall down to around her knee for length.

Yukiko is seen to be quiet and even so far as shy in a sense upon first glance, however, upon talking to her she is rather confident and quite sassy in a way. She has a motherly side that can come out at times, making her have a habit of approaching random Anthros she sees having a diffucult time and lending them an ear to vent with no strings attached. 
Yukiko likes to stay on the content and calm side of things, and so is normally seen with a calm expression on her face. Generally she is eager and ambitious, but some things can really irk and upset her. On occassion, she can become very negative with how she gets treated due to the way others view anomalites as a whole, and in doing so she can become quite dark and twisted, making her come off to others as cold and cruel. She is not accustomed to seeing that side of herself, hence why she isn't too sure on being in a group in case she has an outburst. It can come in pretty handy though when she needs to find a way to defend herself if backed into a corner however. It shuts off her emotions essentially, so the feeling of guilt would not wash over her like it would normally, and assists her greatly if she needs a job done quickly and effectively.

The night 
Colder temperatures 
Peace and quiet 
Sparkly things 

Small spaces 
Unexpected loud noises 
Controlling people 
Those who throw money around stupidly.

Powers: Cryokinesis
Yukiko has power over ice, and can control it to form in many ways both offensively and defensively. For offense, she can create thin, sharp needle like icicles and project them at enemies to strike pressure points from a distance with a flick of her wrist as one example. In closer combat, she can elongate her fingers into sharp icy claws that stretch up her arms like gauntlets. For defense, she can create a shield over herself or an ally which looks like a giant slowflake or a menacing sheet of ice depending on her mood.
If Yukiko is feeling angry or frightened, her abilities play into those emotions and can appear dangerous sharp and threatening, whereas if she is calmer and more serene, she can create beautiful creations that could only be described as art. This can also be said for forming weaponry also, which is why sometimes she carries a simple hilt with no blade attached. 
Much like all other anomalites, over using her powers can cause Yuiko some harm. In her case if she over does it, her heart will begin to grow cold and reduce blood flowing around her body. Too much of this will result in her heart turning to ice completely.
Aside from this she is pretty nimble and quick on her feet. Her ongoing training has been helping her build up both her energy reserves and stamina greatly since she started working under her master as an assassin.

Flexible and nimble
Cool ice powers
High stamina
Treats everyone equally, no matter their social standing

Not so good with too much heat
Still learning the way of the assassin 
Not good with directions
Neat freak 
Over use of powers leads to a frozen heart


Eira Mikazuki(Mother): When Yukiko was born, Eira was the proudest mother in the village. They had been trying for a child for a long time and hadnt been able to successfully concieve because of the stresses of hunger and famine in surrounding areas. The planet of Fraeris was not very stable environmentally, and this showed with the lack of children born on the planet as a whole. Eira was very protective of her daughter, that is until the day Yukiko awakened her icy powers by saving another villager from falling into a nearby lake filled with viscious Anthro-eating creatures(like piranhas). Instead of praise, she began beating her and taking away any privileges from the young feline, including having three meals a day sometimes. Their relationship diminished completely, and as soon as she could Yukiko looked for a way to get out.

Altus Mikazuki(Father): Much like his wife, Altus was over the moon when Yukiko was born. He had managed to find a stable job to help provide for the three of them and couldnt be happier and more proud of what he had accomplished in his life. He hadn't heard of Yukiko demonstating her powers until later on that very same day when he had come home from his work to see Eira punishing Yukiko. He had rushed to intervene, but at the mention of his daughter being an anomalite, he immediately changed his tune. All his life he had been told they were bad omens, and agreed that what is wife had done was the right thing. Just like her mother, Yukiko found no solace in her father, so found no reason to stay with them when she got old enough to fend for herself.

Dione Captor: Yukiko first met Dione in her work on the planet Nah-Geesha when the grey wolf girl had come into the small cafe on a terribly rainy day. She wasn't working, so was able to see right away that the canine had something on her mind and immediately wanted to work it out. This began an unusual friendship, spurred on by snarky comments and even a lot of annoyance towards the other. Regardless of the initial dislike towards the other, the two clicked in ways they didn't even think of, and before they knew it they were borderline harassing one of Yukikos workmates who was admittedly a bit of a womaniser. After some secrets were spilled, Dione had decided to take Yukiko under her proverbial wing, even though the purple cat was two years older than her, and this began the journey of her becoming an assassin in-training. Yukiko owes a lot to Dione, as she believes the wolf girl brought her out of a dark hole of monotony she had been stuck in for a while. 
Sometimes, though more often than she would like to admit, Yukiko has said some things that could call Diones sexuality into question with how she responds to the feline. It may just be how Yuki has worded things, or that she just isn't used to someone paying her an honest compliment, but the violet girl finds it amusing nonetheless.

Yukiko Mikazuki was born on the 24th April 5595 on the planet Fraeris in the family home of Altus and Eira Mikazuki. The planet itself was typically old fashioned, similar to that of the Amish on Earth, so technology or most modern ways were not accepted as a normality. The town in which Yukiko grew up in was called Stanlow. They specialised in growing tough vegetables that could withstand the unpredictable weather of Fraenis without too much hassle and did trades with the nearby towns that could grow other foods. The town itself wasn't the most thriving, but the people somehow managed when they banded together. There was a single lake at the edge of the town where everyone went to get water that was full of fresh clean water, but also was home to viscious underwater creatures that had previously been able to take some unlucky townspeoples limbs and even some lives.
Life began as a pleasant one for the young violet leopard girl and she was in a happy family that lived a simple but routine life together. They worked a lot to keep things under wraps, but it was all they really knew so never thought much of it.
At the age of seven, Yukiko had been tasked with assisting another older child collecting water for the town and was eager to finally help out with something more than jusy raking crops day in day out. The weather that day had been particularly windy and unpredictable, but they knew everyone needed water. Yukiko would carry the smaller barrels while the older child would carry pails on their back and carry a larger barrel and they would make three round trips to ensure there was enough for everyone for a few days. While Yukiko had been lining up the containers to get the job done faster to get them home and out of the crazy storm approaching, the older anthro had lost his footing on a loose piece of ground, along with getting blown backwards a little - enough to have him stumble and begin to fall towards the depths of the waters- and towards the hungry water beings eager to rip into their next victim. The creatures went hungry however, as when the young cat had witnessed her aquaintence begin to fall, she felt an immense fear of loss as she watched him fall before reaching her hand outwards, only to have a stream of glittering cold fly out from her fingers and stretch out across the narrow passage and catching him just in time in a thick sheet of ice.
Instead of thanks, Yukiko was left alone as the male she just saved the life of pointed at her wordlessly before darting off to inform the townspeople. Before she could even comprehend what was going on with herself, never mind that she had been left alone, the majority of the town had come to witness the anomily that came from the young female who sat on the ground. Eira took one look at the icy slope before picking up her daughter by the scruff of the neck rather harshly and trudged back to the family home.
Since that day, Yukiko had been left for long periods of time without food or water by her parents in the hope that the 'demon' that possessed her with the 'devils' powers would leave if her body wasn't strong enough to host it. In time they realised this was not working as the younger cat girl was slowly fading away with barely any strength to even hold her body up, so then resorted to more unconventional methods. So began the beatings. And not just by her parents. Every time she would be able to go outside, she would be the recipient of stones being thrown at her and the others around hissing and spitting at her, never mind the insults and hurtful words.
By the time Yukiko had reached the age of fourteen, all she ever knew was angry expressions, dark words and threats from those around her. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore, and one fateful night when the town was under attack from travelling bandits, the weakened and alone violet snow leopard fled from her family whom she had realised became unrecognisable to her. She managed to stow away on a cargo ship that came by routinely to drop off some provisions and pick up their share. She didn't know where she would end up, but at that point she didnt care. As long as she got away from where she was currently, thats all that mattered to her.
The ship was sent from the Noveran Federation as it was a nearby planet and the federation itself had Fraeris on a leash for the crops they could only get from there, and in return would offer a significantly lesser portion of their own rich food stuffs to keep the people there going. For a year or so, Yukiko became homeless and lived in the streets before she again stole away on a ship, this time to the planet of Nah'geesha, where she started off by offering to clean residents homes for a small fee. Before long, an older man who owned a small, but successful cafe in the capital saw how much dedication she had to working her way in life and decided to giver her a chance to prove her worth by working as an all rounder in his workplace. As she was not to turn sixteen until later that year, she was only paid a small wage, but the moment she had been able to grasp what she had to do, her new boss was more than happy to offer her a full wage. Shortly afterwards, Yukiko was able to save up enough to rent out a small apartment not far from the cafe itself, and was finally able to find a place she could live in with a roof over her head.
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Yukiko Mikazuki
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