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 The Warlord of Verasin

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PostSubject: The Warlord of Verasin   The Warlord of Verasin Icon_minitimeTue Mar 28, 2017 6:57 pm


The white wolf with blue eyes peered out of the tower's drenched window. He was a strong, pure Hydrakkan handpicked by the Matriarch herself. Kaiser was his name, and he was somewhat of a hero in this sector of Hydrakkan space. There had been many slave revolts along the outer systems. They weren't simple uprisings, but actual fortified military forces that posed a stronger threat to the Dominion. With his legions of loyal soldiers at his disposal, Kaiser relentlessly slaughtered the opposition until the remaining slaves fell back in line. As a gift for his heroism, The Matriarch gave Kaiser free reign over the planet Verasin.

Verasin was one of the first planets conquered by the Dominion. It was mostly made up of oceans and ice caps, but the land that did exist was more than capable of supporting life. The weather was cold and harsh most of the year with rainstorms and blizzards being common occurrences. The warmer seasons were short, which left very little room for growing crops. This meant the slaves had to work extra hard to maintain the population's rations. Kaiser knew he could always export the planet's raw metals in exchange for food, but he enjoyed the satisfaction of running his own separate economy.

Surprisingly, Kaiser was seen as one of the kinder Warlords. He wasn't strong tempered or unfair like Warlord Kambrus. No, Kaiser was much fairer and more forgiving, yet he still wasn't afraid to personally execute the more worthless slaves. In his eyes every slave had the right to live, though the lines they had to tread were very narrow. One wrong move and they would be punished with pain or, in more severe cases, death. This was where he was preparing to go, in fact.

One of the house slaves, a properly dressed feline, was assisting him with his armor. She was a bit more pure than the others slaves, which was why she was allowed in his castle chambers. She was a housemaid of sorts. As Kaiser stared forward with his posture straight and proper, the cat fastened his red cape around his neck. The wolf's steel armor was more practical than most nobility, though still quite elegant in design. His stature was quite tall and muscular from his constant disciplines, though his armor covered up his physique. He was proud of his strength and made a point of maintaining it.

"You look like proper royalty, my lord..." The girl stepped back and bowed her head submissively. "Leave me." His voice boomed throughout the room, provoking a flinch from the cat. "As you wish, my lord." She bowed once more and quickly exited the room. Moments later a belled chimed in the kingdom below. Citizens, slaves, and soldiers alike gathered below for the execution. Kaiser turned and exited at his normal pace as if executions were a casual thing. Then again in his kingdom, they were. Kaiser descended the spiraled staricase and stood upon the ramparts. The rain and wind blew furiously and upon seeing Kaiser's presence, the bustling of the crowds below fell completely silent. They knew what was about to transpire, and they were afraid.
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The Warlord of Verasin
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