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 Dione Celena Captor

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Dione Captor

Dione Captor

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PostSubject: Dione Celena Captor   Dione Celena Captor Icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2017 5:00 pm

Basic information:
Name: Dione Celena Captor
Species: Eurasian wolf (Canis Lupus Lupus)
Age: 17
Date of birth: 30-7-5597
Sexual orientation: Straight (though would be gay for Yukiko)
Faction (if applicable): Freebooters Union
Occupation and current residence: Free-lance assassin
Themesong: Boots and Blood ~ Five Finger Death Punch

Dione's a dark furred wolf with brown hair and eyes. She has a grey muzzle and wears a grey hoodie, black jeans and boots (casual clothes). The tips of her ears and tail are black and she has her right ear pierced. She actually needs glasses but never wears them. Instead she wears contacts which is easier in her field of work. When she's training she usually wears her assassins clothing and a hood to cover up her hair. There's two different styles, one dark and one light set for night and day.
Dione Celena Captor Dione_10
(Casual clothing)

A big thanks to Sikopio on this forum for gifting me the beautiful linework. You should all check out her deviantart: sinead-c.deviantart.com

Ooooh boy. Dione's.. Something. She's arrogant and rude, that's for sure but after some time of converstion most people will be able to poke through that and get to her somewhat nicer side. She's got her reasons for it though. She's a tough lady and won't easily give in. She's rather stubborn. There's always a serious atmosphere around her except when she's around her friends. She has one weak spot: Family. She's very protective of her family and especially her little brother. He can be unpredictable and is a lot like Dione, except he doesn't have the fighting spirit she has.

Dione usually get grumpy and mean reactions when she's being her own self. This is something she doesn to herself, but it makes that people aren't particularly nice to her. This also means that she isn't used to compliments and it makes her easily flustered and embarrassed. Too easily and it's pretty noticable as well. Dione's good at hiding most emotions except that. 


  • Training.

  • Food (especially pasta).

  • Music (metal, rock, punk).


  • The Noveran Federation. More of that in her history.

  • Nightcore. Just a... A weird genre of chimpunks on speed.

  • Cold. Who doesn't hate it?

Combat information:

Noooope, none.

Other fighting abilities:
Extremely high endurance.
Fast runner.


  • Well-trained fighter, nearly an acknowledged assassin.

  • High concentration.

  • Loyal to her family and friends.

  • Very stealthy, barely noticable at times.


  • Prone to any kind of power, has no powers to counter those. Also prone to bullets.

  • Won't open up easily to people.

  • Loyalty is not only a strength but a weakness as well. It's something that could get her into a dangerous situation while trying to protect her family or friends.

Social information:

  • No relationships with characters so far.

When Dione was still a young girl, her village was invaded by a group of military people. Or at least people who were wearing the uniforms of the forces of the Noveran Federation. It had never become clear if it was truly the Federation or if it were imposters. This invasion happened on one of the local festivals the people celebrate in honour of their freedom. The invaders were brute, ruthless and not afraid of anything or anyone. Many people of her village died and her family barely managed to escape in one of the shuttles of the invaders. Dione doesn't remember much of the event, she only remembers parts of it. The stories her parents told her about what happened made her decide she wanted to become strong to be able to fight back, might such a thing ever happen again.

She always held on to the memories of the stories and the things she remembered on her own. It gave her determination to train hard to get accepted by one of the most infamous assassins in the galaxy. She managed to get there when she was twelve years old. No one but her parents knew what she was going to become and that would always stay that way. Her parents made up an excuse to their son, they said that Dione would be going to a private school because of her excellence at primary school.

The years passed and Dione started to get better and better at fighting and her endurance got better and better. She started to learn using a plasma gun when she was fifteen years old. Her trainer gave her her first one and she still has it, even though it's worn out by the excessive use. Her aim became better and better and nowadays she is able to shoot multiple people in a matter of seconds.

In this current time she's in her final stage of her training, nearly a true assassin. She's already killed a handfull of people during her training when she went on missions with her trainer.

Decided to become an assassin to protect her Union and to be able to protect her family.
Her brother is two years younger than herself, born on 17-8-2001.
She will take any jobs but those that involve killing people of her own Union.
Can't dance like, at all.
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Dione Celena Captor
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