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 Character bio template

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Dione Captor

Dione Captor

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PostSubject: Character bio template   Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:52 pm

Character template (recommended to use, not compulsory)

Basic information:
Date of birth:
Faction (if applicable):
Occupation and current residence:
(Anything else that's important to know can be put here as well)

Share a picture of your character here, or describe what they look like. We’re all curious buggers who want to know more about them and of course know what they look like!

Here you flesh out your character. What are their personality traits? How do they react to tense situations? Is there anything that angers them a lot or that has a soothing effect on them? Write it all down here!

This is where you put what your character likes. Try to explain why they like this certain thing as best as possible

Same goes here for their dislikes.

Combat information:

Does your character have powers? Cool! Don't they? That's cool as well! This is the place to write down and explain your character's powers at the best of your abilities. Keep in mind that the powers can't go outside of the rules, or else your character won't be allowed on the forums.

Other fighting abilities:
Describe what your character can and cannot do outside of their powers. Are they good at hand to hand combat? Nice. Maybe they are a black belt karatee or they're good at something else combat related. Write it down!

Keep in mind that the strengths have to be balanced out by the weaknesses. Don't make your character an invincible, overpowered being. That's no fun for any of us. Don't only write down their combat strengths but also their social strengths and things related to that!

Same goes here as for the strengths!

Social information:

People they know and their relationships with them:
Try to describe their relationship as good as possible. This way people have a better idea of how your character feels about the other characters!

What has your character been through? What has happened in their lives? Is there anything that’s impacted them and made them the way they’re now? Write down your character’s backstory here to give them some depth and some more personality and that extra bit of ‘spice’.

Of course there's some fun facts for your character to be told! Try and be as creative as possible!

Please note that when you want to make an anomalite, it is recommended to give them a good reason to have their powers and a bit of an elaborate backstory on how they became an anomalite. More information for anomalites can be found in the lore of the site!
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Character bio template
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