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PostSubject: Species application   Species application Icon_minitimeTue Mar 21, 2017 9:27 pm

As we all know, anthros are animals with human characteristics. That is the reason why there are no 'feral' animals in the Iris universe. It would create a weird paradox that would be difficult to explain. Therefore we are offering you people the chance to submit your own 'alien' species as a replacement for feral animals. You can send the following form to us which you have filled in with the information that is requested and if you want you can add information you find to be necessary. Be as elaborate as you can so everyone gets a good image of the way the species is supposed to be.

Anatomy traits:
Describe your species to the tiniest detail. Explain what they can and cannot do and the way their body is built. Things like the way they walk, swim or fly can also be included here.

Behavioural traits:
Describe the way they act in nature and in captivation. It's best to split this part up into two parts (as mentioned before the 'wild' and 'domesticated' sides of their behaviour).

Prey/predator relations:
Is your species a prey? How do they survive and hide from their predators? How do they defend themselves? What are their predators? Or is your species a predator themselves? What do they hunt for? How do they attack? What's their strategy? Describe the way they get their food and how they run  from/run after their attackers/food.

Wat kind of habitat do they live in? Are they aquatic? Or maybe they thrive in the burning sun of the endless desert? Describe the places they live in and also include whether or not they migrate in different seasons and detail as such. Try to give a few examples of the planets they are most commonly found on as well so people get a good idea what they're supposed to be thinking of.

How long does the average creature belonging to this species live? Are they prone or maybe immune to certain diseases? Is there any cause for this to happen or its it something that's been in their DNA all along?

Images you have:
Do you have any concept art of your species? Put it here.
To submit your species, send a filled-in form to one of the mods in a PM and we'll go over it, contact you when we decide and you can either upload it if we approve, or change the part we disagree with if we disapprove. If it's approved and after you've uploaded it someone of the staff will go and format it into the overall format of the species thread. Or if you want to save us a lot of work you can do it yourself before you post it ;D

Keep in mind to have fun while doing this!

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Species application
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